The covid-19 pandemic has brought several challenges to the way people interact. Businesses that require people to meet, such as the entertainment and service industry, have been the worst hit. World health organization has recommended protocols such as regular hand washing and the wearing of masks. People are required to wash hands each time they enter business premises. The soaps that are used to wash hands are claimed to kill up to 99.9% of germs. They help wash off germs from the hands but do not prevent them from getting on hands after touching infected surfaces. If you can touch surfaces after washing hands, the hand will still catch the germs. The alcohol-based hand sanitizers kill germs instantly upon contact. They evaporate soon after leaving people exposed to the effects of germs. Experts have come up with a solution.

BioGlove makes things easy.

How is BioGlove different from other methods of keeping surfaces and hands safe during the pandemic?
A single application can remain effective for up to 12 hours.
Washing hands often is hectic. It is easy for people to forget to wash their hands at some points. The hand should be washed well to achieve the germs killing effects of normal detergents. The use of the product has made things easy. It can be applied once, and it will remain effective for up to 12 hours. Family members can apply it in the morning before they leave for work, and it will keep hands safe the whole working hours. Even if some places such as malls require washing hands before entering, users of the latest technology hand protection formal can wash hands, but the effects will not be affected.

Remains effective for up to 10 hand washing
The spray is applied on the hands, and it will bond with the outer layer of the skin. It will then keep on killing germs. Even if the users have to use harsh chemicals to wash their hands, the product has been proven to remain effective. Studies show that people can forget to wash their hands and expose themselves to the risk of contracting the virus. The experts behind the new product considered several factors before they came up with the product. It is a highly effective spray that works well in keeping hands safe.
Sheds naturally from the skin

The spray will fade from your hands naturally after 12 hours. There are no complicated procedures required to remove it. The outer layer of the skin keeps on rejuvenating and replacing old cells. It is easy to keep the surfaces safe after buying the treatment. All the ingredients are safe. It is a safe product that can be introduced to any home, and it works well to keep homeowners safe.
28-day defense

A single bottle of the spray can last up to 28 days. Families looking for ways to save on their detergents during the pandemic can count on it to offer them the best protection possible. It is a simple bottle that works perfectly in making families safe. People who are looking for ways they can save on money can count on it.

Surface Disinfectant Microbial Defense
Apart from applying on the face, it is also effective in keeping surfaces clean. The virus is known to remain on surfaces for more than a week; it is recommended to disinfect surfaces. The sprayer is easy to apply on surfaces. Apply the disinfectant on plastics, stone, linen, wood, and metals for effective defense. A whole-home can be kept clean through the application of the disinfectant. There are some surfaces in a home where people touch frequently. They are the right parts to target when disinfecting a home. The sprayer can be applied to such areas to keep the home clean.

Commercial, Industrial, Medical and Military use
The spray is highly effective on a wide range of applications. People in high-risk areas such as the medical facility can count on it. The easy to use formula makes it very practical in everyday use. It is unlike a normal hand sanitizer that will fade off after a few washes. It is an effective surface protector you can apply, and it will work perfectly to allow you to keep surfaces clean for long. Small offices can have it at the entrance, and the staff will access it whenever they want it. It is good to keep the office staff protected during the pandemic. The introduction of the product has made it very reliable. It is a simple and effective way to keep the surfaces clean for long.

AI All In One Technology
Apart from getting a small sprayer for personal use, companies can go for big dispensers. The BioGlove Dispenser comes with the latest technology that makes it very reliable in everyday use. For instance, it can recognize the face, work with the Android and iOS operating systems. Each time the dispenser recognizes the face, it will release the spray to keep the visitors protected as they enter the business premises. Several safety measures have been taken to keep surfaces clean and fight off the viruses. The dispenser has been built to meet the highest standards. People looking to keep their homes safe can count on it for the best protection possible.

Bottle Buyback Program
To keep the environment safe, the company behind the product has a bottle buyback program. Users can enroll in the bottle return program online. Each time the bottle is empty, it can be returned to the company for refilling. It is a simple but highly effective strategy that helps in keeping the environment clean. It is unlike other hand sanitzer companies that pay no attention to environmental protection.

Environmental Impact
A single bottle can provide up to 300 uses that save the environment. It is a long-lasting treatment that will keep the environment clean and, at the same time, margin users stay safe. People who would like to keep their homes safe can count on the treatment, and it will work perfectly to make them enjoy the highest level of protection.

Safe for skin
There is no fear of skin Irritation upon application. It has been tested to ensure it will remain safe on your hands. People who would like to enjoy the highest safety level as they keep families safe can count on it. Several tests are carried out to ensure it will not expose users to any short term or long term side effects. Many homeowners who have bought the product are happy.

Fine mist spray
The product is applied as a fine mist spray. A single application is required to keep the surfaces clean. People who would like to stay safe can count on it. The high-quality construction allows for minimal application, but still, it remains effective. People of all ages can apply the spray, and it will keep them clean. It was developed as a whole home protection treatment. Surfaces, as well as skin, will be protected against the virus and other disease-causing germs. There is no strange odor upon application. People will not even know if you have applied it.

Some people have been tired of applying alcohol-based sanitizers that fade off upon evaporation. The treatment will remain in place for the better part of the day. People who work in high-risk areas can apply it, and it will keep them safe for long. It is a tried and proven formula that works effectively to keep surfaces clean at all times. Many family members looking for ways to keep their homes clean and safe can count on the spray.