Due to the recent FDA recall of several brands of hand sanitizers, there seems to be more to fear in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Now, it seems as though what was apparent as a necessity to help combat the spread, has become a whole new danger to the user’s health.

It’s simple enough that hand sanitizer would be the perfect alternative to using soap and water to wash your hands and there are also some great benefits to it as well. A few of the benefits include convenience and portability and is available as liquid, foam, or gel form.

When it comes to hand sanitizer, there will always be alcohol included in the mix and listed as the active component along with glycerin, water, and various fragrances.

However, there are many other sanitizers that do not include alcohol. Instead, they employ the use of solutions made up of the antibiotic triclocarban or triclosan. Listed as antimicrobial, antiseptic, or antibacterial these can be found in other products such as toothpaste and hand soap.

This is good to hear and all, but according to the FDA the use of triclosan comes with many dangers since no benefits of its use have been established as of today. With that, ongoing research has suggested that the use of troclosan has more negative effects on a person than positive.

Being aware of the dangers involved is a big part of remaining educated in the use of these hand sanitizers and luckily, you have a great alternative that has been proven to work known as Bioglove. To show you how it compares to unproven hand sanitizers, we’ve done a little comparison to help ease your mind.

Negatives of Hand Sanitizer with Triclosan

Resilience towards Antibiotic

Sure, having an effective antibiotic available is an important aspect towards staying healthy. However, what can you do if the body begins to become resilient towards the antibiotic and thus allowing the bad bugs to also become resilient?

This resiliency is what researchers fear the most towards the use of triclosan in hand sanitizers. It can actually work against you by eliminating the body’s good germs while building an army of bad germs.

During a study conducted at the CDC in 2011 it was shown that workers in the healthcare field were at an increased risk of exposure to viruses and bacteria due to the use of hand sanitizers and not soap and water.

This risk is solely due to excessive use or using antibiotics inappropriately which can cause resiliency and the inability for the body to resist infection.


All hand sanitizers should be considered a health hazard regardless of having triclosan as an ingredient.

Hand sanitizers are known to be alcohol-based and it is this alcohol which allows it to be effective against bacteria. It is recommended that a hand sanitizer be at least 60% of isopropyl, ethyl or a combination of both and a maximum amount of 95% in order to be effective.

The main reason behind the alcohol being a health hazard has to do with the ingestion of it recreationally in order to achieve intoxication. In fact, just ingesting squirts of hand sanitizer provided the same amount of alcohol seen in a few shots.

Ingestion is a big threat when it comes to hand sanitizer and it could be a fad that is hard to control once word catches on about it.

Hormonal Imbalance

According to the FDA, triclosan has also been proven to be possibly responsible for hormonal imbalances. The research also suggests that bacteria may become accustomed to the effects of an antimicrobial. This adaptation could ultimately be what causes other strains to develop which are also resistant. Studies with animals ultimately lead to hormonal changes which have stemmed the necessity to further study how the human body could also be affected.

Decreased Immune Response

Triclosan has been shown to cause a decreased immune response making you prone to an increased exposure to diseases.

The findings were discovered by U of M researchers and witnessed how the immune response could be weakened and make people develop conditions such as allergies and develop toxicity of a plastic chemical known as Bihsphenol A. The study further showed that children who had an increased amount of triclosan in their system developed a higher chance of becoming allergic to something during their life time.

Chemical Exposure

Does your hand sanitizer have your favorite scent? Then it is also likely loaded with various chemicals that create the scent. The bad part about that is that the chemicals used to make your favorite scent will never be known because their disclosure is not required.

One thing is for certain and that is all fragrances that are made synthetically include phthalates. These phthalates have also been shown to create changes within the endocrine system by creating hormones that identical to yours but ultimately cause alterations to occur.

The Bioglove

Having the ultimate protection during a pandemic is a great goal to achieve and something that normal hand sanitizers fail to provide. With this system, the protection goes beyond a single application and can last for at least 12 hours after being applied. It has also been tested and shown to last after washing the hands 10 times. This sanitizer can be reapplied soon after it becomes shed from the skin. With this, here are a few reasons that make it much more beneficial as compared to alcohol-based hand sanitzer.

An individual sized pump applicator supplies protection after each use

Having an individual pump applicator makes it perfect to take on the go and share with others. The great thing is that you will never have an empty supply since you’ll like have more than one available. Being very handy will allow you to stash one in all parts of your home.

Provides a Greater Amount of Value than Any Other Cleaner

Having just one bottle with 58 ml of sanitizer will give 3 months of protection from any and all viruses and germs. The solution is sprayed on through a mist which allows just a little bit needed to be used.

Nonstop Protection

This sanitizer provides nonstop protection even after washing your hands and has proven to withstand up to 10 of them. The only way that your skin will lose its protective barrier is while your body sheds its skin.

Totally Harmless

The formula that makes up Bioglove’s protection is classified as being totally harmless and free of triclosan so it can be used on any and everything.

Unique Sanitizer and Antiseptic

The sanitizer is not like any other hand sanitizer on the market. It quickly sticks to your skin to provide complete protection and easily lasts through many hand washings.

Available Dispenser Which Includes a Temperature Sensor

This complete system not only provides the solution for complete protection, but also the means for delivery through a dispenser which can also read your temperature. The technology is touchless and gives an alert immediately upon high temperature readings.

Along with the temperature capability the system is also able to be refilled, hung on a wall, or stand via tripod. These features make it perfect for an office setting and will provide a sense of security knowing that they are protected while they work throughout the day. To reiterate, the following are features that make the Bioglove system completely worth it:

• Mountable for walls and can be plugged in or powered by 4 AA batteries
• System setup is a breeze from start to finish
• Interchangeable degree readings
• Audible alarm for high temperature readings
• Sanitzer dispenser is contactless