Who is Bio Glove?

BIOGLOVE is a forward-thinking healthcare centric company focused on taking new innovating OTC and Pharmaceutical healthcare products to market via a vast pipeline of existing industry relationships with the FDA that are encompassed with wholesale to retail channel partners complimented with proven Global supply chain logistics partners allowing BIOGLOVE to rapidly scale in this post Covid-19 environment.


BioGlove’s Patented formulas contain NanoPlatelets made from 76 different elements, thus 76×76 NanoPlatelet variants can be made. The array kills all known pathogens.

Invisible Glove Technology

Our technology uses nanoparticles to disable the virus. When applied to hands or skin, these nanoparticles will penetrate the first layer of the epidermis of the hands and arms. They will then remain lodged in the epidermis for more than twelve hours and remain active.

The BIOGLOVE system provides broad protection against all antibacterial and viral challenges. These nanoparticles disable these pathogens by destroying their capsid and viral envelope and disrupting their genetic code, their DNA and RNA.